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Greetings & Welcome to my humble sanctuary.

AG Castle

Let me introduce myself. I am the one and only AuthorGuru. I started this page, because after much searching, no one quite had what I wanted. So as the guru that I am, I created it. The original site was on Geocities for years, but now has moved to my permanent home right here for all to partake.

Always address me as "Oh Guru, My Guru."

Just kidding.

And how many of my visitors know what that is a reference to, hmmm?

I've dusted off the books in the library (finally) and am prepared to chat about favorite books and authors.

It gets lonely up here, so check back often for updates and new places to ferret out The AG's knowledge.

Answer Desk

Write the Authorguru!

Tell me what you think about the site or what you'd like to see next from the AuthorGuru?

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